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| December 14, 2015


While the four Cases track the progress of a major historical project that succeeded, the four SLPs examine a small fictitious project that failed.

In the Woody 2000 case study, Wideman (2015) describes a family-owned woodworking company that needs to expand its manufacturing capacity.  Begin by reading the first sections of the case:  Introduction, Background, Corporate Profile, Key Players, the Opportunity and Project Concept.   Then, address the following questions in a short essay.  (These are found at the end of the Case.)


1. Project Concept and Strategy

a.Was the Woody 2000 project well conceived? Give reasons for your opinion.

b.What were Woody’s real objectives that could and should have been articulated?

c.What strategies were there for achieving these objectives? What would you recommend?

d.Did they consider other solutions? Give Examples.

e.How would you gauge the project’s success? Could success be measured? If so, when?

2. Project Scope

a.Why do you suppose renovation of the President and Executive Vice President’s offices were included in the project and was that a good idea?

b.Write a simple project scope statement.

c.Develop a work breakdown structure.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Don’t write in checklist form.  Integrate your answers to the above questions into a well-constructed essay. APA Format

The Case does not provide specific answers to every question.  You will need to “fill in the gaps,” using your understanding of the Case, and the Background Information.

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