SLP Healthcare Management

| February 27, 2015
Provide an overview of the outpatient setting you have chosen.
Conduct an interview with a member of the leadership team responsible for the department/unit.
In your interview be sure to address, at a minimum, the following:
Provide background information on the interviewee (title/position, summary of academic and professional background, etc.).
Identify trends (e.g., supply and demand, political climate, regulatory, demographic changes, or patient care) that are impacting this particular outpatient setting and how these are being leveraged or mitigated by the leadership.
Identify the challenges (micro or macro level) this department is experiencing. How are they addressing these challenges?
Based on your interview and the research you have conducted for both the Case and SLP assignments, create a table that illustrates the similarities and differences in trends between the research conducted for the Case Assignment and the feedback in the interview.
Analyze and discuss the findings shown in the table. This analysis should include both quantitative and qualitative approaches to analyzing the data.

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Patient: Sue Li Age: 20 Ethnicity: Asian American
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