| October 21, 2015

What Happens in IT

Mid-Term Project

Directions: You are an IT professional at work (wherever you currently work or where you would like to work after graduation). In this capacity you routinely work with these issues. One of the characteristics of an ethical person is integrity. Research cybercrime, workplace privacy, and free speech on social media, and create a presentation that addresses how you would (will) handle these situations with integrity; meaning how should you act that demonstrates respect for your employer (chain of command, liability, IP, profit/loss), co-workers, and if applicable, outside contacts.

The presentation must have at least 12 slides (not including the reference list slides). You are required to use at least three credible sources for this project and have a reference list slide. Submit a transcript for the project as well as the PowerPoint Presentation.

Use the following as a guide in preparing your presentation:

Cyber crime:
Inside threats
Disgruntled employees
End user errors
Social engineering
Outside threats
Privacy in the workplace,
Web content filtering
Personal device usage
Free speech on social media sites. When does it affect the business?
Corporate information
Hate speech
Illegal behavior

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Learning Plan
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