Slavery and Racism in Early American History

| February 3, 2014

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Introduction: (Introductory paragraph) The history of conquest, slavery, and resistance in the shaping of early American history with a focus on the social history of African-American slavery, political-economic and social history of resistance in the colonies and the greater United States of America, and the nature and cause of Native American genocide. History is for the most part an argument with the events of the past. As an argument the perspectives and interpretations developed by scholars, intellectuals, historians, and students of history are based on the evidence used to support the argument. As such, history is a malleable subject to inquiry open to multiple perspectives and interpretations grounded upon a body of evidence. Discuss the Following two questions. (Two Body Paragraphs-Discussing the below questions) 1. Question of slavery—–Winthorp D Jordan’s book, The white Man’s Burden, discusses the origins of racism in the United States. How does racism and slavery intersect in American history? Also, in Appendix II from David E. Stannard’s book, American Holocaust, titled “ On Racism and Genocide” the author raises a question concerning whether slavery preceded racism in America. How does Stannard answer this perplexing and paradoxical question? PROVIDE DIRECT QUOTES AND PAGE FROM BOTH BOOKS AS EVIDENCE. Include the books listed below in the discussion. Winthorp D Jordan’s The white Man’s Burden David E. Stannard’s American Holocaust-Appendix II 2. Senator Lincoln’s Speech of September 18, 1858 provides a controversial position on the topic of race and race separation in the mid-nineteenth century. What was Lincoln advocating concerning the question of freedom for African-American? What was Lincoln’s position concerning civil rights for blacks? In sharp contrast to Lincoln’s speech of 1858, Frederick Douglass’ 1852 speech, What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? , provides a critical analysis of the place of slavery in 19th century America. Compare and contrast the two documents discussing the topic of slavery and freedom in the mid-19th century America. Include the document listed below in the discussion. Abraham Lincoln’s speech ( september 18, 1858) Frederick Douglass, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” (July 5, 1852) Essay Format Discuss the two topics listed above, use the title,”Slavery and Racism in Early American History” . Write a four (4) paragraph essay with a strong introduction paragraph, followed by the two (2) body paragraphs discussing the above questions, and a final concluding paragraph. Underline the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Please reference the readings in the body of the essay by providing DIRECT QUOTES AND PAGE CITATIONS from the readings in the body of the essay.
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