Single Subject Design

| November 30, 2015

Complete and design Single Subject Study. 1. Discuss the scope of the problem considered and the specific part of the problem dealt with in the research project. Have there been research studies in the past few years that dealt with this problem? If so, what were the major conclusions? The problem is anger management.
2. State the specific hypotheses or research questions based on counseling goals. Explain the empirical or logical basis for each. Identify dependent and independent variables. Customize the research methodology as it measure the progress and informs the practice.
3. Operationally define the terms -used in the hypothesis. Discuss the reliability and validity of the indicators (tests, measurements, and scales) used for each of the variables measured. Explain the process of data collection, and consider the social-psychological aspects or impact of this process for the individuals or institutions involved in the process. Indicate whether the observations involved in the process were blind.
4. Study design/Internal Validity: Discuss the control procedures used and evaluate the adequacy of the design for promotion of internal validity. Discuss threats to internal validity in relation to this study. (Hint: Did you use baseline measure ?) State if any, factors related to diversity impacted/affected your study.
5. State the findings and comment on goal attainment. Discuss the control procedures used and evaluate the adequacy of the design for promotion of external validity. Discuss threats to external validity in relation to this study.
6. Summary of findings and discussion of implications. Did this research inform you about practice effectiveness?
I am also going to attach the my data, IDV, Intervention, DV and measurement.
I need the following to be laid out in the paper with sub-heading with: 1.Client:Presenting problem(Anger), assessment factors.
2.Theoretical Framework
3. Evidence Based Intervention
4. Practical Significance
5. Theoretical Significance
6. Practice Effectiveness

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Applied Research in Psychology
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