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| January 27, 2015

I will upload the phylogeny and the lecture notes in 2 different messages. Please find it/.

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PLEASE READ EVERY SINGLE DETAIL CAREFULLY. You can choose the kind of Phylogenies yourself. Important: Please refer the acceptable sources.YOU CAN USE ONLY THE ACCEPTABLE SOURCES TO WRITE YOUR ESSAY AND NO OTHER WEB SOURCES SHOULD BE USED.Remember that any sources used in your paper (including the website and textbook) must be properly cited both in the text of your essay and at the end of your exam. Look at the citation heading for details and cite accordingly Evaluation of later hominid phylogenies:Three phylogenies showing hypotheses about later hominid evolution are included with this exam (A, B and C).In this essay you willidentify which of the three phylogenies you prefer, and then discuss the specific evidence that best supports your phylogeny choice as opposed to the other two. You will support your points with specific fossil evidence (dating and location of fossils, their morphology, etc), genetic evidence, and/or archaeological evidence that you feel is relevant.Also feel free to pull in any information from earlier parts of the course (such as evolutionary theory, species concepts, or anything else we’ve covered). You should specifically discuss the different evolutionary stages/species in your chosen phylogeny andhow those differfrom the other phylogenies you do not think are as correct. But remember, the focus is on the evolutionary relationships between the species… not just regurgitated facts about each species. You can also discuss how your chosen phylogeny ties into the debate about the origins of modern humans… does it support a particular hypothesis about modern human origins? Reminder:I do NOT want a basic discussion of the species and saying, “this one came first and then this one and then this one…”I specifically want a discussion of the evolutionary relationships. The fossils are there, that is a fact. But how they are RELATED to each other is in dispute. I want you to discuss how these fossils are RELATED to each other, and why you…


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