Single Sex Schools

| February 10, 2014

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This research paper is about single sex schools and i want the writer to take a position that is against single sex schools providing reasons from the sources and provide a works cited page. i want the topic to go around United states and United Arab Emirates and i want to prove that mixed sex schools are better that single sex schools
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Single sex schools are also known as single-gender schools. This system comprises of a single gender whereby males and females attend separate schools. This practice was predominant before the mid 20th century especially in secondary schools and other institutions of higher learning. Different countries have different strategies on how they deal with the issue of single gender education. Some countries prefer having single gender schools in both the private and public schools while others prefer having mixed gender schools in their system. Either way, both have unique pros and cons that need to be comprehensively considered before embarking on a given system of education. In the Middle East for instance, it is mandatory for schools to be single-sex schools whereby each school accepts boys or girls exclusively. In places whereby the sharia is the law, students attend sex-segregated public schools. In the United Arabs Emirates in particular, private schools are mostly coeducational while the public schools are segregated (Iqbal, 1975). In the United States, the approach is somehow different from the approach given to the system by the Arab countries. The Supreme Court of America ruled on the constitutionality of single sex public education in 1996….ORDER NOW
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