Simulation of Public Wi-Fi Rollout transmission Distribution system

| September 27, 2015

a). I have Advance project which has many parts. I did the project proposal and now, I need a Technical Report in the project proposal scope which uploaded.
b). IEEE reference style.
c). Use British English style (E.g. specialised).
d). Write the whole sentence for abbreviations in the first time.
e). Follow the Assessment criteria:
1. Literature and technology review:
In-depth specialised knowledge leading to the state-of-the-art
Benchmark technologies and engineering means
Supporting evidence/materials for product requirements/needs
2. Performance criteria/project requirements.
3. Design/Research questions.
4. Design/Research methodology/approach and plan:
Based on and/or with reference to literature and technology review
Clear identification of nature of the project3
Decomposition into modules or functional components
Description of methodology
Linked to objectives and design/research questions
5. Justification.
6. Any preliminary design/ research work.

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Wireless Power
Simulation of Public Wi-Fi Rollout transmission Distribution system

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