Similarities and Differences betweenBop and Cool Jazz

| April 21, 2014

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Students are required to write one short essay examining the similarities and differences between Bop and Cool Jazz. Site specific musicians and note their contributions. In addition to information in the text, you will also be expected to conduct library research for varying views on the topic (see course bibliography for suggestions). The essay should be 4-5 pages in length (Double-spaced, 12 point font).
Sources: A minimum of four sources is required for this essay. The Hasse textbook may NOT be used as a source, however, the course reader (maximum of two sources) can be used. Only one internet source is permitted (Wikipedia is NOT acceptable). Traditional library sources (including Ethnomu50A reserves in the music library), are unlimited…and encouraged.
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Music psychology and appreciation
Listen to The Cage and The Things Our Fathers Loved by Charles Ives. What specific, new, non-traditional harmonic devices does Ives employ in these compositions? Compare/contrast the treatment of harmony Ives employed in all three works.


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