Signification and Art Interpretation

| February 16, 2014

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The essay has two components, both of which should be addressed with principal use of, and reference to , the listed course text materials:
1. give a concise account (in about 1000 words) of Saussure’s concept of ‘the sign’ and Peirce’s concept of ‘icon’, ‘index’ and ‘symbol’, describing the concepts and outlining what you see as their main import for art interpretation. ( precise, accurate and yet comprehensive and explanatory account)
2. on the basis of course text readings, outlining what you take to be the principal aspects of critical thinking about ‘authorship’ and explain their implications for art interpretation.( the emphasis is on a concise identification of what you take to be the most important issues, points of argument and possible implications; brief reference to particular cases in art practice)
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American Art
Modern Art: "Paul C'zanne The Bather'' and ''Marcel Duchamp Man Seated by a Window''


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