Sidney Park Health System

| September 6, 2018

Sidney Park Health System is experiencing a shortage of coders. Over the past five years, there has been a 30% vacancy rate for coders throughout the main hospital and satellite clinics within the healthcare system. The backlog and vacant positions has created an issue related to unbilled revenue, overworked coders and extended work hours and schedules. It is estimated that there is an annual loss of $12 million. It has also been communicated that many of the qualified coders that were offered a position declined because they are interested in working from home. To address the problem, the health information management department is proposing that there be an implementation of a home-based coding system. This concept is feasible, given that Sidney Park Health System utilizes an electronic health record and all patient information is available electronically. You have been assigned as the project manager to oversee the feasibility and implementation of this project.

The executive management team is meeting to discuss your project. In preparation for the meeting you are to create a presentation to outline the project and results. In your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Provide a summary of the project, its purpose and goal(s)
  • Discuss the project results
    • Analyze project deliverables compared to project outcomes
    • Compare and contrast estimated costs to actual costs
    • Compare and contrast estimated time with actual time of completion
    • Discuss the estimated return on investment (ROI) for the project

Please Meet Criteria!!

PowerPoint includes a summary of the project, its purpose and goals. 

Power point includes a discussion of the project results – analysis of project deliverables compared to project outcomes

Estimated and actual costs are compared.

Estimated and actual time are compared

Estimated ROI is discussed.

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