Sickle Cell

| June 20, 2015

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A young African American adult is admitted to the emergency department in sickle cell crisis with complaints of 10/10 pain. The patient is known to several of the nurses and physicians in the department. One of the nurses remarks to you that it must be time for the patient’s “fix” of pain medication.

Use your knowledge about sickle cell crisis to respond to the following points:

As the professional registered nurse, describe how the RN would educate peers regarding pain assessment and management for this patient. In addition, propose actions that can be implemented to assist the patient with sickle cell disease prevent the occurrence of sickle cell crisis.

You may find the following resource(s) helpful:

Gill, V., Lavin, J. & Sim M. (2010). Managing sickle cell disease. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, 8(6), 24-32.




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