Should the media be allowed to airbrush ads of both females and males in popular magazines?

| February 20, 2014

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In this discussion you will respond to the following question: Should the media be allowed to airbrush ads of both females and males in popular magazines? Support your opinions with evidence. Use MLA citations and respond to two peers.
Could you please a total of one page including responding to two peers that I will copy and paste bellow. So, three different sections.
And please use MLA because all the previous assignments the I ordered were in APA not MLA, although I chose MLA!
Thank you.
One of my fellow wrote:
I feel like airbrushing and photo-shopping models and famous people is very popular topic right now. Why is it so popular? I try to ignore all of this stuff because it seems sort of superficial, but since we have to talk about it here, I will address it. First of all, I don’t understand why models are airbrushed in the first place because they are already beautiful and skinny. What more could you do to make them look better? If magazines and the media wnat perfect looking people, then why do models have to be perfect if all they have to do is airbrush the photo? This is entire business of "perfection, seems like BS. I feel like the rich and powerful created it to make the poor and normal looking people down about themselves. Those in charge and the inventors of Photoshop and airbrushing, especially those who are making money from all of this don’t care about the repercussions or how its destroying the way people feel about themselves. They are just doing it for money. So to answer the question, no I do not think the media should be allowed to airbrush ads in magazines. No more lying should be allowed.
A second one said:
I do not think the media should be allowed to do anything that constitutes as lying. What I don’t understand is in advertisements and magazines, the people being photographed are already very beautiful and good looking people. Why are these magazines going out of their way to make them look "better" when they are already better looking than most people? It seems, to me, to be a complete waste of time and money. Why are all these magazines trying to create a person that isn’t real? It would make more sense if they were just drawing pictures or cartoons of unrealistic looking people, but they aren’t. What confused me even more is that these models starve themselves to meet a certain idea of what the magazines want and yet they are already so skinny and good looking. Why aren’t there laws to stop the magazines from lying to the public? If people are so outraged, why do they continue to buy the magazines and support the magazine companies? It all seems so strange and backwards to me. There is all this outrage, yet nothing is being done to stop it. There needs to be no more purchasing of magazines until this comes to an end.
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