Should the Fair Work Amendment Bill be passed or not ?

| May 21, 2015


In June this year, the Australian Senate’s Education and Employment Legislation Committee recommended that the Australian Government’s Fair Work Amendment Bill be passed as it stands. Select one or more of the proposed amendments and state your own position: should it be passed or not? (Write your essay in a submission format.)


To help you start, you may read the report of the Australian Senate’s Education and Employment Legislation Committee

The key proposed amendments in the bill are :
The Greenfields agreements;
The Right of entry of the Unions;
The individual Flexibility Agreement.

You may choose one or two of the above amendment areas as the your key argument to why the amendment should be passed or not passed.

IMPORTANT: It is a MUST to relate your argument to the voice, efficiency and equity model provided by Befort, S. and Budd, J. (2009), Invisible Hands, Invisible Objectives. (This academic document will be uploaded as additional files) The document may seem to be a long chapter, but all you have to do is to read through the first few pages and you will understand what the model is about.

Supporting sources for your argument:
academic models and resources apart from Befort and Budd (recommended),
past events or statistics in Australia;
other related submissions/ Australian government reports.
*NOTE: While news reports may deem to be useful, please keep newspaper references at minimal as it is not regarded as academic sources.

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