Should parents discipline their children by using corporal punishment techniques, such as spanking? Or is a nonphysical approach more conducive to raising mentally and emotionally healthy children?

| February 24, 2014

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Complete a 5-6 page argumentative topic written in
an informational essay style research paper for class. This paper will address a debatable topic
which focuses on an academic topic of social, political or culture relevance. You will be
providing both sides to the debatable topic, but will NOT be providing your opinion or
side. Each side will be neutrally presented allowing your audience to make their own
decision as to which side to take.
Length: 5-6 pages excluding cover page, abstract, and references
Purpose: Argument—addresses a debatable topic on an academic topic of social, political, or cultural relevance.
Audience: General, college level, academic (third person only!)
Organization: Topical
Sources: Minimum of 11; minimum of 5 academic.
Format: APA 6th Edition
Please stick to the topic and follow all parts of the Instructions.
If you may have any questions or any problems during the time period please contact me as soon as possible.
If possible, please send me and outline or first draft to be reviewed.
As you know this paper should be in third person only. please let me know to whom this paper would be viewed by such as students, parents, doctors, nurses, regular people, etc
And please inform me in a message what type of sources you are planning on using.
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Fire Service Administration
Forest Fire Ecology: Effects of fire on the Pine forests and the Canarian Lizards in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

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