Should Immigration Laws be Stricter?

| June 20, 2015

Should Immigration Laws be Stricter?
Requirements: To present a persuasive speech in support of a policy or against a policy. Where do you begin: Start with a policy issue. Try to persuade that there is a problem and that the audience should agree with your solution. Try to motivate the audience to act according to your solution for specific policies or regulations. This is an appeal to human needs (Maslow Hierarchy of Needs), reason, and emotion (balance).
1. Choose and narrow a topic appropriately for the audience and occasion.
2. Use the resources of the library, Internet, expert interviews, and personal experience to research information.
3. Demonstrate critical thinking by developing, listening to, analyzing and synthesizing issues, contentions, arguments, and forms of support on a selected topic.
4. Select an organizational pattern, thesis, specific purpose and full sentence outline pattern which follow the conventions of standard written language in punctuation, grammar and spelling appropriate to the topic, audience, occasion, and context.
5. Provide the appropriate ethical and cited supporting materials for the message based on the topic, audience, occasion, and context.
6. Use language, grammar, and physical behavior (non-verbal communication) that is to the topic, audience, occasion, and context.
7. Use pronunciation, articulation, and vocal variety in rate, pitch, and intensity to heighten and maintain interest.
• A written outline is required for this speech and should include all relevant content and sources. Follow the model given by the instructor, all Main and Subpoints must be written in a complete-sentence format. The sources you use must be included in MLA (APA) format.
• At least three credible sources (beside yourself) must be mentioned in the speech and referenced properly in the outline. A correctly formatted Works Cited, or References page, should be typed and included as last page of outline. Tip: All sources included in the Works Cited or References page must be incorporated in the speech and properly cited.
Speech is to be 5 minutes long with a 20 second grace period, either way.
Power Point Presentation required.
FYI: I do think immigration laws should be stricter

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