Should Governments Impose Trade Sanctions?

| May 26, 2014

Different scholars differ on whether the governments should introduce trade sanctions on other defiant regimes. Some foresee the action as critical; while others see the policy as ineffective and to some extend hurting the untargeted individuals. The supporters argue that trade sanctions are important in preventing criminal activities from spreading to other areas. For instance, a government should impose trade sanction to a country that produces nuclear arsenals in order to prevent the spread of terrorism to its neighbors and other regions. Further, the proponents support sanctions particularly if the action of one country is affected and eventually likely to affect the global environment.

Conversely, the opponents of trade sanctions believe that they do not only affect the targeted regime but also the people in other countries. For instance, trade sanctions affect the markets of businesses; that is, the market of firms exporting their products to another country is will cease to exist once the importing country is sanctioned. As a result, sanctions do not hit the target; that is, although, they are aimed at the regime and its leaders, it eventually ends up hurting business and innocent citizens.

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