Short Assignment 1 & 2

| June 6, 2016

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Short Assignment 1 10 points
Open up and look around the BLS site. Use the broad category of your major (hospitality management, for example) or a specific area in your major (hotel manager, for example) that interests you as a possible career choice and research it carefully. Then in a two-page memo to me, discuss your findings. Begin by stating your major and long-term career goals, and then tell about the area or job you researched. Be specific and be sure to tell what role communication will play in that job. Also, assess the helpfulness of the site in your job quest.

Short Assignment 2 15 points
Select three articles about some aspect of your intended profession. At least one article must come from a professional journal and all three may come from such publications. You also may use substantive articles from newspapers, magazines, or online sources. Read each article carefully and then write an abstract for each article. Information for how to write an abstract can be found on pages 351-352 and an example is on 369. In a one-page cover LETTER* to me, which will precede your summaries, you will try to draw some conclusions, identify some trends or areas of interest to you, and comment on the future outlook of your chosen field based on the articles you read. Be sure to include a bibliographic link to each of your articles presented in APA style.
*Your letter should use full-block letter format (see p 100). This is a chance to show that you understand how to present a business letter following standard workplace protocol.

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