Shopping for Christmas

| December 15, 2015

Shopping for Christmas

It is that time of the year when the streets are filled with people, making it hard to see where you are stepping. There are masses of people, young and old parents with their kids and screaming toddlers can be heard from a mile away. It is, however, a pleasant time, a time when people have a peculiar thing about them when people laugh and make merry and to top the icing, shopping is an important priority for many families. A time to spoil yourself with that dinner set you have been eyeing, dad can upgrade to a larger plasma TV and the kids expect to get awesome toys.

There is so much to do and feels like there is not enough time to finish, but everything has to be done otherwise it would mean the dreaded return visit. The shopping expedition can be quite stressful from bumping into people in front of you, or people bumping into you because everyone walks with his or her eyes on his or her precious shopping list. The queues at the cashier are crazy long at the toy store such that once you have found the perfect gift for your sweet son and daughter, you feel like aborting the mission and just go back home to avoid the Payment process. You can feel your stress levels going up; you feel like you cannot breathe, the air is too thick, but you have to hold on. Finally, it is almost your turn, but the lady in front of you has some sort of issue and is raising her voice at the cashier. You put your palm on your face and call out to Jesus; well anyway, it is his birth that we are celebrating leading to all the hullabaloo everywhere. U say a small prayer, zone out and think about that recipe you will try out for the Christmas dinner; then it hits u cold that you still have to pass by the grocery store to get some supplies damn! Someone is talking to you, and another is tapping your shoulder. Excuse me, ma’am! Hello! Cash or credit card? Then you realize it is your turn and pay. You cannot wait to get out of this store! You step out into the cold air, and you can feel your lungs feed with the fresh air! It is so sweet until someone almost crashes you! The cycle continues in most of the other shops you visit, and you promise yourself next year you will finish your shopping early. Well just, like the promise last year. Hah!

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