shiekh Mohammad Bin rashid

| March 22, 2015

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this the description that the professor provide us with : This assignment is an 8-10 page summary and critique of an influential text in the field of organization design, management, and leadership. The summary will be evaluated by the following criteria: (a) clarity and coherence; how well it captures the essence of the book and how logically and clearly the book’s contents are presented and (b) critical reflection; how thoroughly and thoughtfully you critique the book’s ideas and integrate them with the knowledge gained in this course. Your summary should also include the three most important ideas that you take away from the book (what should your peers know about this book without having read it), the practical implications of each idea, and the most important questions that you would pose to your peers based on your summary and critique ,,,,, However, The assignment I choose is book ” My vision” by Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid The leader of Dubai .
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