Sharing strategies with families

| June 19, 2015

Sharing strategies with families

You have just started as the early childhood teacher in the 3-5 year old room. The Director has asked you to develop an information sheet that will be sent out with the family newsletter to share your preferred teaching techniques and strategies for guiding children’s behaviour.
Specifically she has asked you to address the following:
1) Provide an overarching statement that represents the theories which underpin your choice of strategies for teaching and guiding children’s behaviour.
2) Identify four (4) strategies you would use to guide children’s behaviour
For each strategy:
• explain the strategy;
• explain the positive aspects of the strategy for this age group;

3) Identify two (2) teaching strategies you would use with this age group:
For each strategy:
• explain the strategy and why it is relevant for the particular age group;
• provide examples of how this strategy would be visible in the classroom throughout the year.

Students are expected to use appropriate references in their work and read beyond the set texts for this unit.
Due: 17th March 2015
Length: 1000 words (references not included in this word count)
Criteria for assessment:
This assignment demonstrates the extent to which the student is able to:
??explain the theories which underpin choices of strategies for guiding behavior and teaching (6 marks).
??identify and describe four (4) appropriate strategies for guiding children’s behavior (8 marks).
??identify and describe two (2) appropriate teaching strategies and how they would be visible in the classroom (6 marks).

Parent newsletter supplement
This assessment will enable students to articulate appropriate teaching strategies to use with children 2-5 year and determine appropriate strategies to guide young children’s behaviour.

This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
•    Systematically document and critically analyse the pedagogy and practice of teaching and learning, including ways to guide children’s behaviour.
•    Engage critically examining ideas, issues and principles connected with professional decision-making as a teacher in an early childhood setting.
•    Demonstrate an understanding of the role of the reflective practitioner.
Please follow these guidelines when you submit each assignment:
•    Allow a left and right-hand margin of at least 2cm in all assignments.
•    Please type all assignments using 12-point font and 1.5 spacing.


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