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| April 8, 2014

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In this course assignment, you will assess how knowledge is currently shared within your chosen help desk (AT&T Help Desk) environment and make suggestions to improve it. Your goal is to make life easier and more productive for your employees and customers when it comes to the use of knowledge and resolution databases.
1. Assess the knowledge sharing that takes place currently in your focus help desk (AT&T Help Desk). Remember to consider both formal sharing (databases, ticketing system, website) and informal sharing (presentations, online chat, etc.)
2. In a two- to three-page paper, summarize the current situation and then write a recommendation on additional knowledge that should be shared, why it should be shared, how it should be shared, and when it should be shared.
**If anything requires you to log onto my school (Jones International University (JIU)) My login is as follows:
Username/ID: Damien2002
Password: Damien02
***Reference for this Module
Stuart, K. (2013g). Module 7: Integrating Knowledge and Resolution Databases. In Jones International University, CCM400 Service Operations Management. Retrieved from
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