Shareholder Empowerment: A Comparative Analysis

| February 15, 2014

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Order Details
1) The writer will have to write only Chapter Two in the attached OUTLINE.
2) The chapter is highlighted in YELLOW.
3) I give the writer the permission to add sub-titles in the chapter as my outline is not perfectly complete.
4) The writer can re-write my sub-titles and suggest or write new sub-titles that he sees appropriate for the chapter.
5) The writing style has to be in English British.
6) Please use the OSCOLA footnotes.
7) I will attach my Thesis Proposal for further instructions.
8) The writer will have to use the references on the proposal and he may also use other valid academically references.
9) I would like the Chapter perfectly written as it is a PhD Dissertation.
10) Please avoid too many quotations and plagiarism.
11) Please do not write less than 7425 words as ordered excluding the footnotes.
12) Please provide a list of all the references used.
12) I have ordered a Premium Level so I do expect a PhD writer and for his writing to meet my expectations.
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