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Analyze any one scene in Twelfth Night, discussing any sections and subsections, groups of
characters, and thematic concerns. (This does NOT mean that you just translate or explain
what happens in the scene. Focus on analyzing characters, language, word choice, the way a
particular theme is represented, etc.)

You have the option of consulting critical texts that analyze the literature you’re working
with. If you do bring in additional criticism, you MUST use scholarly sources. These are
books, journals or online materials from databases or pages maintained by schools or
educational organizations.

For the purpose of this essay, assume your audience to be university-educated
adults. If you mention a detail that you consider to be beyond the scope of an educated
person’s typical knowledge, supply some brief background information.

Your paper, which must be approximately 1,200-1,400 words in length, should
offer a clear and consistent analysis of your topic. Organize your essay logically and provide
adequate levels of detail and description to support your analysis; the essay should contain a
clear introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion.

Your essay must be in MLA format, which means that it must have 1-inch top,
bottom, right, and left margins; be double spaced and set in 12pt. Times New Roman font;
and include running headers with last name and page numbers, as well as a MLA compliant
title block on the first page (no title page). Remember to cite your sources both in the text
and on a works cited page.

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