Sexual Harassment in the workplace

The Project is designed to demonstrate your understanding of employment law, the management practices that are constrained by law, and policies and procedures appropriate to insure compliance and minimize legal and business risk. Your project consists of a legal case study. A sample will be found in Blackboard.
Select and review one article from reputable newspapers, journals or on-line databases regarding an employment law issue (less than 3 years old). Selections may include items such as a court case, a charge or claim by an employee, a news report dealing with legally risky practices, or related issues approved by your instructor. Be sure you have selected employment law issues. Your text is a good guide.

  1. (25%) Identify clearly your source and briefly summarize in your own words the article.


  1. (25%) Identify and describe the statute or case law premise at issue. Include what administrative agency oversees it- statute of limitations – who it covers, etc.


  1. (50%) Suggest and describe proactive human resources policies which may have prevented the legal problem involved, or which could prevent future, related legal risks.

Note this is the most important part of the paper and valued as such.