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| February 16, 2014

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Write an assignment that will emphasize important issues regarding one of the following major points:not exceed 3 pages (including cover page, table of contents and references pages) in other words the main content of the report shall not exceed one page.
The report is about
Various complexities and challenges facing the service organizations in the Middle East &North Africa region.
Modern strategies recommended enhancing organizational service quality in the MENA region.
Case studies that critically examine quality of service in major business processes in the Middle East & North Africa Region.
3. Look for reliable references such as text books from well-reputed publishers such as (Pearson, McGraw Hill, John Wiley?..etc.), and peer-reviewed journal papers, case studies for well-known world organizations.
4. Do not consider general information sources like Wikipedia.
5. The most recent the reference is the better, so it’s preferable to use references published within the last 3-10 years.
6. Differentiate in your writing between scholarly and nonscholarly articles.
7. Show evidence of research by searching indexing and abstracting databases effectively to find an article that meets the specified standards.
shall not exceed 3 pages (including cover page, table of contents and references pages) in other words the main content of the report shall not exceed one page.
9. In order to cut down on the confusion for you; the report must adhere to the following guidelines:
a. Font and letters shall be as follows:
Title Font: Times New Roman, Size: 14 Bold.
Sub-Headings Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12 Bold.
Normal text Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12.
Figure and table titles Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12 Bold.
b. Paragraphs should have single line spacing throughout the report except for indented quotations or footnotes. Leave a space between two consecutive paragraphs.
c. Page margins: Top, bottom and right: (2.54 cm), left (3.18 cm) inch.
d. The reference list should be arranged alphabetically, and references should be formatted as shown in the examples below:
i. Books:
Operations Management: Process and Value Chains?, By: Lee L. Krajweski and Larry P. Ritzman, Pearson – Prentice Hall, 8th Edition, 2005,
ISBN-10: 013187294X.
ii. Journal paper:
Razban, A., Davies, B., Harries, S., Efstathiou, J., “Control of an automated dispensing cell with vision controlled feedbac”, Control Engineering Practice, 3/9, 1995, PP. 1217-1223.
iii. Conference paper:
Astrom, K.L., Bohin, T., “Numerical identification of linear dynamic systems from normal operating conditions”, IFAC symposium on the theory of self-adaptive control systems, England, 1965.
iv. Web site:
All pages must be numbered in one continuous sequence using “Arabic” numerals. Insert numbers on the bottom middle of the page in the following form (Page 1 of 3).
In your report you must make every effort to correct errors and spelling mistakes
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