Service failure and recovery scenarios

| April 23, 2014

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This project is for my Service Marketing course . The project will be about Service failure and recovery scenarios for MCDONALDS in QATAR , you are required to :-
a. Interview 10 customers about a recent service failure and recovery situation. Half of these situations must be considered failures and the other half successes.
b. Ask them questions to assess their fairness perceptions (Outcome, Procedural and Interactional). "You need to include verbatim quotes from your customers".
c. Identify how the companies involved can improve these perceptions.
d. Include your interview script in the appendix.
The structure of the paper must be :-
1-Table of content
2- Executive Summary -Provide an executive summary highlighting your findings, analyses and implications. Your summary should not exceed 1 page.
3-Introduction and Research Questions – Explain what you set out to do or discover. What is the purpose of your research? What are you investigating? ( in few lines only)
Research Design
a. Selection of Samples – provide an overview of your sample. Describe from whom or what you collected your data. Be specific.
b. Data Collection Procedures – Describe how you collected your data. For example, if you used questionnaires or other research instruments describe them here. If you used observation, describe your procedure. (Note: actual questionnaires should be placed in an Appendix) (in half page)
IV. Presentation and Analysis of Findings (4 points)
Each of the issues/questions in the analysis section should be addressed individually. Use headings corresponding to the different parts of the analysis section to distinguish between the different sections of your report.
Support your conclusions using findings from your research. For example, if you have quotes from someone, present the supporting quotes. If you conducted a survey, present the findings in a summary form. It is critical that you support your analyses with references to the information provided by your sample.
Utilize appropriate services marketing terminology.
Utilize tables and charts where appropriate to summarize data.
Also explain whether the findings are consistent with what you would expect based on services marketing theory. If your findings are different from what would be predicted based on services marketing theory, explain why. It is perfectly OK if your findings conflict with what the “book” says. In fact, presenting and explaining unanticipated results can make for a very strong paper.
V. Marketing Implications – Describe the implications of your findings for marketers.
VI. Appendices – transcripts of interviews, etc. should be included in an appendix and referenced where appropriate in the write-up.
please follow up every point in the project specially the analysis part , and it will be checked by safe-assign so it should be 100% original
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