Seminole Land: Beliefs and Practices, the Effects of European Contact, and Removal

| October 18, 2015

Your final research paper will be an in-depth written product that involves critical thinking and incorporates references to academic literature in the field. Your paper engage a topic pertaining to the Native American experience by outlining/discussing a specific system of thought, or worldview particular to one tribal group. This is not to be a mere history paper reciting dates and events. Instead, research how your chosen tribe conceptualizes their place in the world via time/space. Further, how does that perspective inform the tribe�s social, political, geographic, economic, religious/spiritual, and sex/gender organization? To answer these questions, your paper has to focus on traditional tribal life (pre-European contact). Some minor emphasis on contemporary life (post-contact) is encouraged at the end of your paper.

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Results of colonization, for or against

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Category: Native american studies

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