Selling Your Vision

I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.

Post a cohesive response based on your analysis of the Learning Resources and your professional experience. Be sure to discuss the following:

  • Recalling your change vision from the previous Discussion in Week 3, create a specific plan you would use to sell your vision and include the following:
    • The steps you will take to sell your vision
    • What communication channels you will use
    • What stakeholders you need to convince with a sales strategy
  • Analyze the barriers that may occur when you start selling your vision, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Outline how you will ensure that individuals who have “bought into your vision of change” effectively and correctly communicate that vision to others.
    • Identify the “snakes” within the organization or community and examine the steps you can take to counteract attempts to sabotage your vision.
    • Break down how you will change “egos” into allies and analyze what you think could be most harmful to the process—snakes or egos.
    • Illustrate what you will do to continue the momentum once your change vision becomes popular and widespread.

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