Selling of Body Organs

| April 2, 2014

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Write an argumentative research paper. Be sure that you address your chosen issue from both sides (proponent and opponent), but choose a position and defend it. Remember to spend a considerable amount of space within your paper with the exposition or explanation of your topic. Many of you will have topics that are not considered mainstream; therefore, it will be important to bring your audience up-to-date on the topic. Also, remember to come up with compelling and credible evidence and examples to assist you in supporting your thesis/claim.
A word about the topic: Remember that your topic is up to you, but I would like to give you a little bit of guidance. Try to avoid the topics that are “done to death.” In other words, avoid topics that are over-researched, over-written and will be hard to add your voice to. Some examples of this type of topic: Abortion, Legalize Marijuana, School Uniforms, The Death Penalty, Euthanasia, The Drinking Age etc… I really encourage you to think about issues that you are passionate about and that may coincide with the discourse of your chosen discipline. If you really want to write about one of the “dtd” topics, let me know and maybe we can work together to narrow the topic and focus on a specific case.
10-15 pages
MLA format (both paper and Works Cited)
8-10 sources (6 of which should be print sources. Print sources include books, magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, pamphlets, and online library databases. Websites are not considered print sources.)— See me if you have more or less and we’ll chat.
3 drafts (to be turned in at separate times over the course of the semester)
Works Cited page
Resources for Researching and Writing:
Textbooks—for your MLA concerns and for help getting started
The Michener Library (or whichever library you choose)—for print source material and online research
Me—for any questions or concerns that may arise while researching and writing
Writing center links found in the “External links” tool—for help with argumentation ideas and MLA formatting
Due Dates: See Daily Schedule
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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It should be mandatory for everyone to donate one of their organs when they die
Hypothalamic-pituitary-hormone axis


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