self-organzation in dynamic system

| February 10, 2014

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Dynamic system self-organization is the topic
The essay is explaining my point of view of self-organization of the dynamic system.
So the introduction should talk about the dynamic system and defined it and defined the 3 concept of the dynamic system.. 1- self-organization 2- attractions 2- control parameter. Then focus on the self-organization and important (write the thesis statement about the self-organization)
All the points that I will talk about should has a counter argument to dynamic system and how the other theorise mentioned and explain the self-organization. For example, the maturationists say that self-organization is all done by the central nervous system, which is the most important system in movement. Then, use dynamic systems theory to debunk this, with examples. An example of self-organization is rolling over (babies) how maturationists explain that movement and then express my point of view of the self-organization and how it explain the rolling over.
– The essay ((must have clear thesis statement ))
– No overuse quotes please , instead do paraphrase
– The length of each paragraph, one paragraph not longer than 1 page
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