Self Esteem

| April 17, 2015

Self Esteem

The importance of enhancing and safeguarding self-esteem cannot be gainsaid as far as ensuring self-actualization is concerned. The term has been widely used in psychology to underline the overall emotional assessment of an individual pertaining to his or her self-worth. It has also been defined as the negative or positive assessment of the self with regard to how one feels about it (MacDonald 235). Self-esteem, as an evaluation of self-worth and self-value, has been recognized as being powerfully related to the emotional experience of an individual (Crocker and Park 309). In addition, studies have shown that self-esteem has a positive association with varied desirable qualities, which is why many educators, policymakers, and parents have ascribed increased significance and importance to enhancing the self-esteem of individuals (Crocker and Park 309). However, while putting in place measures to enhance the self-esteem in students may appear appropriate, it is not entirely desirable.


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