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| March 25, 2014

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Students are to submit a Reflection Paper that shows their thoughts on the health change they chose to pursue during this class and what they learned from the experience. It is expected that some students will have completed the health change, while others may struggle with this change.
Reflecting on the process, students need to write about:
• The change they hoped to make.
• The difficulties or places where they experienced success and those areas in which they did not succeed and why.
• Students must reflect on support systems that they have used throughout the process.
• Students discuss the progress made of the course of the assignment. Be honest.
• Students must also discuss the ways that this experience will effect practice when working with patients that need to make health changes. How might this teach you about ways to accompany a patient in their health-related changes?
The paper should be between 5 pages in length (not including the cover or reference pages) and should include at least three (3) scholarly sources that are carefully selected and appropriate to the topic. APA format is expected to be followed
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