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| June 19, 2015

Select a topic/issue related to Global or California Agriculture and Ecology.
1. Examples of topics include some aspect of climate change,

2. Conventional or alternative agriculture in a particular country, or region or

3. Related issues such as pesticide use, peasant politics, food sovereignty, myths about hunger etc…

4. This topic should be related to some aspect of the commodity chain of agribusiness or

5. You may also undertake a combination of a photo and analytical essay (e.g. provided in class)
• Define the issue you have selected.

• You must complete a research paper outline for review before you begin research and fieldwork.

• Begin with a brief background of your selected problem/issue.

• What does historical inquiry reveal about the topic under consideration?

• How has the selected country/ region or California governed with regard to this issue? Accuracy and formatting will count for most of the points for this section. Background information on the issue may include charts and graphs of leading economic indicators from official government or scholarly sources. 5 points
• Section 2: 5 points. Use a coherent conceptual framework for your analysis – elaborated this in section. What evidence supports this framework as the most appropriate?

o Field Trips: This section will also include a description of what you learnt from 5 field trips elaborating the connections and comparisons you can reflect on with regard to your topic
• Section 3: 5 points. Include the social, political and economic, gendered, environmental and labor aspects concerning this issue. Examine the values and assumptions of the main actors/agents and authors. Is the evidence primary or secondary? You may interview people as part of your fieldwork. In addition, draw upon published interviews conducted by others. You will need to verify the accuracy of information you include from these interviews. Use a good mix of primary sources and other scholarly secondary sources.
• Section 4: 5 points. Your interpretation of data collected; examine your own values and assumptions and conceptual frameworks in relation to this problem and comment on how this is reflected in your interpretation of data. What relevance does this information have for us today? Why is this important in the context of global agriculture, the ecological crisis and our budgetary crisis?
• Section 5: 5 points. Do you have any realistic recommendations to solve problems you observed? What solutions could remedy the issues you have raised? Go beyond suggesting we need more education or more people voting. How would these recommendations be implemented?

• Include a cover page with the title of your paper, course number and your name; double space your 12 page paper; accurate documentation will determine the difference between an A or other grade

• Use one inch margins

• Put the title of your paper in a header or footer and number each page

• Start your paper with a clear statement of the main point

• Organize your paper into five coherent parts outlined above

• Your paper must have a bibliography and reference any work, primary or secondary sources you cite; you may include photos from your field trips if they are relevant



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