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| June 20, 2015

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For this first essay, you should write a 5 page paper (double-spaced, 12pt, standard font and margins) from one of the following prompts. Your paper should be elaborated in an appropriate academic style and call upon either the Chicago or the MLA guidelines for citing sources. 
1. Consider Fordlândia and Brasília. How  are they similar? How are they different? How do they relate to an on-going notion of Brazil as a place in which to realize fantastic endeavors? What are some other examples from previous readings that share similarities? 
2. Compare Fordlândia and Brasília. 
3. Bossa nova and música funk  have both been significantly polemical in Brazil for different reasons. Discuss these musics as presented in Dunn’s and Yudice’s respective texts. Enrich your discussion with parallel examples from elsewhere in the world that are relevant to the Brazilian cases.
Finally, it is essential that you call upon specific examples from each text and that you analyze and address the specific language that is used. In this regard, please avoid mentioning current or historical events beyond the bounds of the course. Also, avoid making references to “human nature” or the “human condition” or any other similarly imprecise ideas. Alternatively, call upon concrete examples from the texts that we have read, and analyze them according to some of the models that we discussed in our last class.




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Discuss the relationship between, race, social movement and citizenship


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