Security Assignment Essay

| January 21, 2015

1. Identify ethical, social and legal issues relevant to Information Systems within a context of application
2. Assess and evaluate key aspects of legal, ethical and cultural issues relevant to an IT professional
3. Distinguish opposing perspectives and authority of reference material.
4. Apply professional principles to an application domain of current and emerging technologies

essay Guidelines
produce a literature review essay of approximately 1500-1700 words that will present some of the key issues in Security

you are required to read some of the academic literature in your chosen topic area (reading suggestions are given below). The minimum reading requirements for your essay are as follows:-

· 2 book chapters from 2 different books
· 1 academic journal article
· 1 additional internet article of your choice (excluding Wikipedia).

The above literature must be authoritative sources by recognised experts. These sources must be referenced correctly in your essay (see Referencing and Presentation Requirements below).

Your essay should present some of the key issues in your chosen topic area, as discussed in the literature you have read, and with reference to the following:-

· Ethical and social issues (with reference to specific ethical principles)
· Professional issues (with reference to specific codes of conduct of relevant professional bodies)
· Legal issues (with reference to relevant legislation)

These issues should be illustrated by focusing on a particular aspect of your topic. This can be a particular technology or information system in a specific context of application, or a recent case study.

Your essay should present a balanced overview of some of the opposing perspectives and arguments surrounding these issues (these might be perspectives held by different stakeholders, or arguments proposed by different authors and experts).

In your conclusion, you should reflect critically on these various perspectives and assess some of the key issues that you’ve found. You should also propose appropriate solutions or courses of action from the perspective of an ethical IT professional.

essay Presentation and Referencing Requirements

· The essay must be written in an academic style, using correct grammar and vocabulary
· The essay must have a full list of references
· All sources must be referenced in the body of the essay
· The essay must use the Harvard style of referencing

Essay length: 1500 words minimum-1700 words maximum

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