Security and the Hotel

| April 4, 2014

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During Topic 7 ?C Security, a report and survey was provided by Hotel-Online. This survey was also referred to within Bardi.
In the report, The Asia Pacific editor of Hotel and organizer of the survey Steve Shellum, said: ??Whether due to lack of funds, complacency or an ??it-can??t-happen-here?? mentality, the lack of commitment to ensuring the safety of staff, guests and property is not just scary, it is an indictment on the industry.??
In our lectures we have discussed various events that have had an impact on the safety, security and emergency procedures of the hospitality industry; and in some cases questioned the ethics of individual organisations.
Research two of these events and discuss how they have shaped safety, security and emergency procedures for those organisations that are serious about the commitment to their guests.
Assignments will be returned approximately 14 days after the due date wherever possible.
Extensions and late submissions will be dealt with in line with the current assessment policy of this institution
Extensions for assignments will normally only be granted once and only for one week.
Late assignments that do not have approved extensions will normally incur penalties as defined in the assessment policy.
Learning Objectives Assessed
analyse security measures commonly used in international hospitality businesses to ensure safety of the guests, staff and property.
Marking Guide:
Rating Scale % Excellent Very Good Adequate Needs some more work Needs much more work
Introduction: Introduces the main purpose of the essay and how it is to be approached. 5 5 4 3 2 1
Logical Development: Arguments in the essay are connected in a logical and sequential manner. 15 13-15 12-12 10-11 8-9 0-7
Insight and Originality: Effective use of own independent thought. 20 19-20 17-18 13-16 9-12 0-8
Constructive Critical Analysis: Well structured and in-depth analysis that addresses the main issues. Ability to address different points of view. 25 22-25 19-21 17-18 13-16 0-12
Conclusion: Draws the various themes together 5 5 4 3 2 1
In-text referencing: Correct use of in-text referencing. Incorporation of appropriate references that enhances arguments made. 15 13-15 12-12 10-11 8-9 0-7
Reference List: Written and presented correctly. Demonstrates sufficient and appropriate research on the topic discussed 5 5 4 3 2 1
Readability ?C Clear, Objective, and Grammatical: Essay flows well with minimal English language errors including spelling, grammar and sentence structure. 10 9-10 8 7 5-6 0-4
Total Overall Grade = 45
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