SEC vs GS and Tourre

| January 26, 2014

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-the requirements in this paper should be FINANCE based do not only refer to ethics concepts..
SEC v GS, following theories we discussed in class in no order of priority:
(1) Disclosure theory under 1933 and 1934 Securities Act
(2) Akerloff (1970) information asymmetry
(3) Default Invariance theory as per 2nd Approximation (ie Risk theories).
(4) Aristotle’s theory of virtues
(5) Truth paradoxes in court via Plato and Aristotle
(6) Financial contract as commuting square under Default Invariance Theory
(7) Truth detection as solution to jury paradox
(8) Ethical dilemma theory and
(9) Conflict of interest theory
need to show that I understand the specific transaction structure so you can balance the various competing ethical interests.
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