Seattle Pacific University Personal Statement

| May 20, 2015


Please respond to one of the following topics. You have to pick one of these 2 following question below and write about it. Just pick one you don’t need to write both.

1. While Seattle Pacific does not require a profession of Christian faith for admission, we do seek to admit students who will benefit from a Christian learning environment. Please describe your own faith perspective and how it shapes your daily life.
2. Seattle Pacific’s Christian identity inspires our mission to engage the culture and change of the world. Please review and select one article at These articles show examples of SPU students who are inspired by their Christian faith to live out our mission. Choose an article and discuss how your own faith perspective and/or life experiences intersect with SPU’s mission.

You need to pick one of the questions and write about it.

Notes: This is not require but just give you an ideas
You need to put yourself into my situation as person who applies for Seattle Pacific University. I am Vietnamese. I am international student. My religion is Buddhist. Even though Christian is not my religion but I still want to learn something about it. Something like that.



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