| May 26, 2014

In a world of many ideologies, philosophies, beliefs, and practices, identifying a certain form of entity or way of life as a religion requires a good understanding into its nature and ramification. When scientology came into existence, debates arose whether it was a religion or a cult, based on some of its beliefs and practices. However, a lucid illumination to its nature, concepts, and articulation qualified it as a religion indeed. Religion in its entire sense is an intricate subject, although rooted in the nature of the human person, and has endeavored to answer some of the fundamental questions of life whether through faith, reason, or experience. The reality of designating human existence to a supernatural, finite, and ultimate being has led to the establishment of diverse religious ideologies, beliefs, and practices that point towards the same reality God. Scientology is a religion whose existence has aggravated varied responses concerning its beliefs and practices, especially from the Christian faithful. This paper provides a well-informed study of scientology religion, with a summary of its history, beliefs, practices, symbols, ideas in the context of world religions, while attempting give learning outcomes, challenges, and promises experienced from exploring this subject.

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