Scholar-Practitioner Project Assignment: Plan for Community Health Assessment

| September 25, 2015

Planning a community health assessment involves making many decisions, including who will be involved in the planning or assessment, the goals of the assessment, types of data to be collected, and methods for data collection and analysis. The success of the final assessment plan depends in part on who participates in the planning process and the extent of their firsthand knowledge of the community health issues being explored. As a public health professional, you need to have these skills in place to design a plan for community health assessment that engages those who need to be involved and that keeps the plan aligned with the original intentions.

The Assignment (3-4 pages):

Submit – a community health assessment plan (3-4 pages) for the community you selected.

  • Identify stakeholders to be included in your community health assessment plan and explain why they should be involved.
  • Describe the stakeholders’ potential roles and responsibilities in the assessment.
  • Develop goals for the community health assessment plan and explain why you selected these goals.
  • Describe three or four types of data that you might collect to further the goals of the plan, and explain why.
  • Describe the methods of data collection you might use in your plan and explain why you would use them.

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