Schindler's List

| March 16, 2014

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This is a 500 word assessment for my RELIGION and ETHICS class. While most film reviews assess a production’s entertainment value, focusing on actor performance and cinematography, in this film review instead you judge how effectively does the film Schindler’s List depict ‘good and evil’ through the portrayal of its characters? At no stage should you talk about how entertaining the film was, how realistic the performances were or the ability of the director. Ensure that you incorporate at least six of the following terms into the discussion: Plato, Pope Frances, Christianity,Catholicism, Nietzsche, Absolute Morality, the Bible. You can incorporate these terms into the film review in any order and in any way you choose. You may choose to offer a comparison between a character and one of these terms or a reflection on how these terms apply to the characters in general. This review is to be written in the form of a Word Document. Kind Regards, Mitchell
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Category: Religion and Ethics

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