Scene Description: Yellow Earth or Red Sorghum or To Live

| February 20, 2014

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Scene Description: (your chose film title)
paper do not have other chance to toModificat,so carefully modify it. the last paper there are many grammatical errors , the paper need takes more your own views and ideas.
Write a one-page paper that describes what happens on the screen from a segment of a film (Yellow Earth or Red Sorghum or To Live).
What you will do in the paper is similar to “plot summary,” which is what I call “primary reading” in class, the first step in film reading, yet you are not summarizing the entire film. The one-page limit is to guide you to aim “small”—as small as one scene or one shot. You are to tell me what you see, and then translate the visual action and imagery to words, sort of like returning the film into its script. You should not be too concerned with “objectivity” of your seeing because differences in perspectives are part of the film-watching experience. Instead, you should focus on discovering the visual and translating it into words. The choice of the segment will no doubt affect the quality of your description. Choose one that is visually rich and stimulating and that can accommodate both your eyes and your pen.
Make the title of your paper “Scene Description: (your chose film title).” Start with a couple of sentences that tell me where the selected segment is located in the film. Double-space with standard margins
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