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Using the survey

1.    What is your gender? Male  [ ]Female [ ]

2.    Which continent are you from?
North America[ ] SouthAmerica [ ] Asia [ ]Europe [ ]Africa [ ]Australia [ ] Antarctica [ ]

3.    How long have you been working in a multicultural Environment?
•    Below 5yrs [  ]
•    5-10 Years [  ]
•    Above 10 Years [  ]


4.    In your opinion, are the organizational problems caused by the existence of Multicultural Team in your workplace?    Yes [  ]        No [  ]
If yes, who is to blame and why?    The management [  ]    Employees [  ]Both [  ] _______________________________________________________________________
5.    What do you think can be done to help increase your performance and put you at ease while working for this organization? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
6.    Are your responsibilities in your institution delegated?    Yes [  ]        No [  ]

7.    Do you believe in the notion ‘a problem defined is a problem half solved’ and to what extent? (For this question, please choose a number from 0-10, to show how much you agree or disagree with the statement).
0    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10
Not at all                                        Completely agree

8.  How do you think is the best way to talk about conflict of interest and communication as the major challenges in embracing multicultural diversity and delivery performance?
•    Group discussion formats of 6-12 [  ]
•    Suggestion boxes [  ]
•    Periodic open forums, inclusive of the managing team [  ]
9  What is your general perspective towards cultural tolerance?
•    It is a matter of circumstance [  ]
•    I consider it a chance to interact and learn [  ]
•    I am irresolute [  ]
10.  How important is the identification of solutions to this research  to you?(For this question, mark on the scale provided based on the degree of importance).
choose 10 people in your organization to respond to the survey. Before
disseminating the surveys, please pre-code the data (refer to Chapter 19, pp. 470-471) or follow the example provided in
the lecture.
Perform the following:
1. Create a data file using an Excel worksheet.
2. Compute descriptive statistics for the variable(s), and explain the measures of central tendency and measures of
dispersion that are most appropriate for your study.
3. Create a pie chart with percentages.
4. Compute a frequency table and histogram for each variable.
5. Decide which measures of central tendency, spread, and graphical display would be most appropriate for the
Using the information above, write a one- to two-page paper explaining how the data will be analyzed. This section should
begin with a brief introduction to the section and a description of the problem. You must also explain how the data will be
coded and edited. Provide justification for the descriptive statistics that will be employed in the study. You will only need to
submit the paper for this assignment. Please do not include data, results, or graphical displays


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