Safety in Electronic Management

| February 6, 2014

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this paper is for a reading in electronic class im currently taking. the paper will be about SAFETY IN ELECTRONIC MANAGEMENT in this field. in this paper you persuade the reader that your point of view is valid and should be accepted in practice. DONT USE ANY LONG BLOCK QUOTES. DONT USE MORE THEN 2 SHORT QUOTES. INTRODUCTION= SHOULD BE 1OR 2 PARAGRAPH LONG. BODY=PAPER MUST CONTAIN A FULLY DOCUMENTED BODY MUST BBE 5 PAGES LONG. SUMMARY=SUMMARIZE THE MAIN POINT IN YOUR PAPER 1 PARAGRAPH LONG CONCLUSION= DRAW A CONCLUSION BASED ON THE FACTS OF THIS PAPER SHOULD BE 2 PARAGRAPHS RECOMMENDATION= MAKE A RECOMMENDATION BASED ON YOUR CONCLUSION.SHOULD BE 2 PARAGRAPH LONG MUST CONTAIN 10 REFENCES FROM THESE SOUCESR= aj-Reichert, G. (2012). Safeguarding labor in distant factories: Health and safety governance in an electronics global production network. Ted, S. (2009). Why we are challenging the chip: The challenges of Sustainability in Electronics vol 11 10/2009. Pellow, D., Smith, T. & Sonnefeld, D. (2006). Challenging the Chip: Labor Rights and Environmental Justice in the Global Electronics Industry. Temple University Press McIvor, R. & Humphreys, P. (2004). Early supplier involvement in the design process: Lessons from the electronics industry Volume 32, Issue 3, June 2004, Pages 179–199= BELOW IS PIECES OF MY ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCULDE THESE POINTS IN THE BODY= Safety The journals are very important in the detailing of the various safety difficulties in the electronics industry. The sources detail various instances and differences in the attainment of the good safety standards for the workers and the working environment. This paper aims at giving various ways through which the safety of workers has been neglected in the electronics industry. The main instances of this lack of a better working environment for workers in the electronic industry include the presence of harmful chemicals. Ignorance of safety standards necessary for the attainment of good working conditions for the workers is also noted. Occurrence of fires and the lack of ways to escape infernos in factories dealing in electronics are available in the journal. Worker’s safety The electronic industries have the highest rates of health related risks and workers’ affected by the increased exposure to chemicals. An increase in the exposure of chemicals and harmful pollutants has been viewed at a high percentage in the sources considered in this paper. Workers are exposed to risky materials through inhaling polluted air and poor working and unhealthy environment. The main reasons given in are the high instances of lack of regulation in the electronic industry. Chemicals A high percentage of industries operating in the electronic industry use a high number of chemicals, minerals, and manufacturing substances. Most of these chemicals are harmful to the workers, participants, and management in the factories, in electronic industry. The lack of strict regulation and codes of conduct by the industries increases the rate of use of harmful chemicals leading to lack of responsibility to workers, customers, and suppliers.
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