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| February 12, 2014

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I HAVE 2 QUESTION CONSIST 1 ( A + B) AND QUESTION 2. PLEASE FOLLOW THE ISNTRUCTION GIVEN FOR THE WORD COUNT TQ, pls provided me at least 12 reference from academic journal
QUESTION NUMBER 1 -Prepare a report of 1,000 to 1,200 words that answers the following title:
(a) Critically evaluate the philosophy of health and safety regulation in the UK from the
Robens Report through to the Lofstedt and Lord Young Reports. Discuss where you
consider that the UK’s regulatory system is heading. (50%)
– Please compare this 3 report and make the different or the improvement or development from this report. i prefer if u can make a table for comparing this different
(b) HSE is moving away from the safety management model in HSG 65 – Successful
Health and Safety Management (POPMAR) to the model in ISO 18001 (Plan, Do,
Check, Act). With reference to ILO-OSH Occupational Health and Safety
Management Systems (ILO OSH 2001) compare and contrast the differences and
similarities in these 3 systems.
Prepare a report of 1,000 words that answers the following title:
You have been appointed as CDM Co-ordinator for a major manufacturing company who are
having a large industrial unit, constructed on a brown field site, adjacent to their factory. The
site was formerly occupied by a large coke works. The project will take a year to complete
from design to handover.
What pre construction information should be collated by the Client (with your assistance) to
provide both the Designer and Principal Contractor with all relevant information.
What checks can be made to determine the competency of the PC.
Guidance – a good starting point would be L144, the CDM ACOP.
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