Sab miller company Strategy in action

| February 25, 2014

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Strategy in action
1) Carry out a full internal strategic analysis of the company, including its Mission/Vision, Organisational Structure, Organisational Processes and Organisational Culture. Carry out a full analysis of the company’s Business System. What does this tell you about the company’s strategic capabilities, the strategies that it has adopted and its current strategies and positioning relative to the competition in the industry ?
2) You need to carry out the secondary research on Sab miller company. There is no need that you undertake primary research in order to complete this assignment.
3) The report should be in a business format. You can use relevant APPENDICES,but these must be within the overall page limit. The report should be in type 12 font (Times New Roman) and one and a half line spacing.
4) You are required to underpin your answer with reference to relevant academic theories/concepts and to reference/cite your sources according to the “Harvard system” for referencing.
5) Please keep charts, diagrams, tables etc and make it attractive. You use different colors for charts, tables, diagrams etc and make it look very good.
6) The whole question is the second part. So write it in the following way :-
Part 2 : Internal analysis of Sab Miller
2.1 Mission and Vision
2.2 Corporate governance
2.3 BCG matrix
2.4 Organisational Culture
I will upload the assignment of Sony Computer Entertainment in my personalized order tracking area, look at it do the report of Sab miller the same way but do not copy it.
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