Run, Lola, Run and Waking Life

| January 28, 2014

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Run, Lola, Run and Waking Life
A good movie always attracts audiences but a truly good movie is the one task of which is not only to attract audience’s attention, but also to provide important information. People looking for something fresh and different, and obviously important information, should watch Run, Lola, Run of director Tom Tykwer and Waking Life of director Richard Linklater. While they will find Tykwer’s Run, Lola, Run an excellent crime thriller which tells the importance of time, Linklater’s appealing work Waking Life will take them into the world innovation. The two movies while different according to their subject have some similarities. Tykwer who is also the writer of Run, Lola, Run has tried to attract audiences from all section of the society and from all ages. Released in 1998, the movie was Germany’s biggest hit in years. The director wanted people to enjoy the sheer unadorned pleasure of speed……….ORDER NOW…..
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'The Reader' - by Bernhard Schlink
Watch the movies: Run, Lola, Run and Waking Life

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