Route Profitability Analysis

| February 27, 2014

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Complete this assignment by doing the following:
Read about the decision Wolverine Airlines must make regarding its routing options found here.
Use the Route Profitability Analysis tool XL FILE ATTACHED Preview the document View in a new window to determine each route’s anticipated profitability. Save the results of each analysis as a separate Excel file on your local machine.
Compose a brief (one-page maximum) business letter or memo addressed to Wolverine Airlines’ top executives. Provide your recommendation and rationale for adding one of the routes being considered. Be sure to not only explain why your recommendation is the best choice but why the other choices should be avoided. In your letter/memo, make reference to the results of your profitability analysis for the chosen route.
Submit your business letter or memo and the profitability analysis for your chosen route.
Submit business letter or memo as Word Doc. Submit profitability analysis as a separate Excel file using the same link.
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