Rosenfeld and the Chocolate Factory

| February 8, 2014

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1 Outline the employment values traditionally associated with Cadbury and explain how these differ from those said to be associated with Kraft.
2 Does this change of ownership represent a clear example of a significant change of employment and working values and relationships between workers/employees and employers? Set out clearly how these relationships have been changed.
3 What impact has the change of culture had upon the employees?
4 Consider how this sort of change might have affected the work ethic of the employees.
Max length 1,500 – 1,800 words A report format will be suitable. Do not include an “executive summary”. Hand in your work via Bb module site Turnitin link.
Remember to put your name on the actual work you submit.
Guidance –
After you have read the Sennett book begin the assessment by reading the articles provided Make 2 lists one for “Cadbury values” and one for “Kraft values” as you read enter relevant material under the suitable heading.
A report format will be acceptable – but a list of bullet points is not. You must explain what you mean to the reader, be specific and try to avoid the vague generalised assertion. Suitable headings can be used which relate to the text and guides the reader followed by short clear paragraphs. Remember a report is a clear working document meant to guide the reader and cover the ground for them. The report does the work for the reader.
Use the case study and articles provided to explain what you mean giving clear examples.
Do NOT cut and paste from the articles. If you take sentences or phrases from the articles you must use quotation marks eg “Kraft, the American food giant, has been warned…..” FT Jan 24 2012. Do not alter the wording and include a citation as cover for copying. The report must be in your own words. Short quotes followed by discussion using the quotation are what will gain you marks. Plagiarism will be penalised.
See also the Chocolate Wars. Follow the link below and read the book of the same name –

Use these articles as essential background reading for your case study.
See the attached for a little light reading. There is nothing to stop students searching other press or periodicals.
I will attach several articles.
These are 3 articles i couldn’t attach but i’ll copy them here as they’re on the website and i can’t download them.
Business ‘I’m watching you’ MP warns Kraft over treatment of Cadbury workers; Unions point to ‘broken promises’ by US giant. Peter Stiff. 590 words. 20 January 2012. The Times T 1 47 English. © 2012 Times Newspapers Ltd. All rights reserved
The Labour chairman of the Business Select Committee has pledged to keep a close watch on the way Kraft treats its Cadbury workers at the Bournville factory in Birmingham after staff complained that the American food giant was breaking its promises. Adrian Bailey, who has played the role of inquisitor-in-chief since Kraft’s controversial £11.5 billion buyout of the chocolate company two years ago, said that he would be in regular contact with union representatives to monitor the group’s conduct for the foreseeable future. Kraft said last month that it planned to cut 200 jobs within days of the expiry in March of a two-year pledge not to shed British staff. The concession had been made after a storm of protest over a decision to shut a factory near Bristol with the loss of 400 jobs. Irene Rosenfeld, chairman and chief executive of Kraft, has since repeatedly angered MPs and workers by failing to turn up to Business Select Committee meetings, saying that it would "not be the best use of my personal time.

Mr Bailey told The Times: We cannot oversee every company in the country, but the controversial nature of this takeover justifies a level of ongoing scrutiny. This is not going off the committee’s radar; if there is evidence that they are not living up to commitments, we’ll have them before the committee again. His pledge to monitor Kraft’s behaviour followed a visit to the Bournville factory, where he met a union representative who felt that consultations with former management had not been sustained. He intends to meet local people and union representatives regularly when he is in his constituency of West Bromwich West. Union officials welcomed Mr Bailey’s involvement, accusing Kraft of a failure to engage with employees and to agree to a consultation framework, which would tie the group to discussing issues such as redundancies before making any announcement. Jennie Formby, of Unite, said: We welcome the involvement of the committee, which has been thorough and taken into account the concerns of the workforce. It is very clear this pressure does need to be applied In correspondence with Kraft officials, published by the committee yesterday, Mr Bailey wrote: There appears to be some way to go in restoring union confidence that management is genuinely consulting on critical employee issues … Before it is too late, we strongly urge Kraft Cadbury to take steps not to lose further goodwill. Kraft claimed that it had already met union representatives and held constructive discussions. Nick Bunker, Kraft’s UK chief, said that the company was working hard to improve communications with its workers. Mr Bailey also called for the 200 job cuts at the company to be adhered to as an absolute maximum for the foreseeable future, noting that the committee would be most concerned at any indications otherwise. In response, Mr Bunker said We cannot make other commitments on an open-ended basis; no business can, particularly in the current economic climate. MPs and unions have long called for Kraft’s jobs pledge to be extended, with the company saying that it was unable to make that commitment.
The food giant this week announced plans to cut 1,600 jobs in North America as part of its plans to split its snacks and grocery operations into two separate companies.
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